Books About Race everyone should be Reading Right Now

Posted by Ricardo Eversley

2020 has truly been the year of "wow did that just happen". Recent events have clearly cited the need for a sustained focus on issues that affect black people by non-black people. For far too long the black community have been subjected to systematic failure after failure from it's so-called allies but a recent drive for introspection and clear systematic racial-auditing have yielded a sense that things may finally be changing. Change however cannot be tokenistic nor can it be a single black square, a well written instagram post or a link to randomly selected organisation that non-black people can support. Change needs to come in the form of family and community conversational-activism which centres itself on dismantling stereotypical views of black people and the unlearning of centuries of unconscious bias and racism.

We've put together a collection of books that can everyone should read in their pursuit of allyship with the black community.


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