The Truths We Hold : An American Journey book review

Posted by Simba Sloane

BOOK REVIEW by The Cultured Marketer Reads

“Tomorrow’s generations will suffer as a result of yesterday’s folly and greed. We cannot change what has already happened. But we can make sure it never happens again.”⠀

We’ve probably all heard this saying by now, “America coughs and the whole world catches a cold.” The story of this book and I begins after closely following the results of the US’s 2020 elections from the UK, an election which saw Joe Biden become the next president and Kamala Harris, Vice-President

This book, written in 2018, is Harris’ account of important political moments from her career, a book that also provides a small looking glass into moments from her personal life.

Her parents were both immigrants, we learn of her Jamaican & Indian heritage. Her parents weren’t wealthy & worked hard to instil strong values in her and her sister Maya. As Harris recalls in her book; “the values we internalised provided a different kind of wealth.” I treasured these chapters.⠀

Harris’ first name means “lotus flower” and is a symbol of great significance in Indian culture. Growing underwater with roots at the very bottom of the waterbed, lotus flowers bloom at the surface for all to see.⠀
The book features glimpses of her blooming and blossoming but I selfishly wanted more.⠀

However, the memoir is indeed a political memoir and as such is very policy-heavy. Harris spent most of her career working in law enforcement in California, and the book follows her great work as a prosecutor, an Attorney General and US Senator, navigating a criminal justice system riddled with racial disparities and more

I learnt a lot from the book. But especially from the real stories of the American people she meets, those she fights so hard for- and rightly so. ⠀

No one should have to fight alone- the A in Ally is for Action.

In her line of work, truth is a pursuit for Harris, hard truths included. I hope her leadership continues to be an inspiration to many.⠀

Overall, it’s a good read. Would recommend

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