Open Water Review by Bookedupandbusy

Posted by Simba Sloane

SYNOPSIS: Two people from South-East London meet in a pub. He is a photographer and she is a dancer. They fall in love.

MY THOUGHTS: A very short and melodic story. The writing is very lyrical and poetic and the theme of black culture and art is prevalent throughout. I loved all of the references to black music, film and books, especially the mentions of Zadie Smith, Frank Ocean and more.

As mentioned by the author, the relationship between the protagonists is a ‘messy miracle’ it is awkward yet heartfelt and i enjoyed the vulnerability of the story, following the main characters from friendship to lovers.

I was hesitant to read this book because it is in second person and I am not a fan of stories told in this narrative. The opening chapter felt slow and the dialogue stagnant, however as I progressed, I realised that the second person storytelling was accurately used for this book, as it really drew me into the narrative of this developing romantic relationship.

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